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Frequently asked questions

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Approach and content questions

Can we access training to support delivery of the wellbeing programme?2023-09-16T12:38:35+01:00

We offer a range of ‘Champion training’ with the goal to equip pastoral staff with greater confidence and conviction to deliver the intervention programmes effectively and with compassion, care, insight and awareness.

We offer free 30 minute Discovery and 90 minute Explorer online training webinars.

We also offer Expedition Sessions – Training sessions specific to each emotion theme that provide the theory, approach and information on the content and delivery. They cost £125 for up to four staff members.

We can also provide specific training to suit the needs of individual schools, clusters of schools, or Multi-Academy Trusts. This can be for whole school settings, groups of pastoral staff or mental health leads.

We offer free Supervision Hub Sessions to support pastoral staff when part of the University of Bath Research Project.

What is the age range for the Hamish & Milo wellbeing programme?2021-08-02T08:42:08+01:00

We recommend that the programme is used for primary-aged children, particularly KS2. Many of the themes and session plans could be adapted for younger children and the activities could be supported, differentiated, and simplified for KS1, but it is the level of discussion and facilitation skills of the ELSA and/or Pastoral TA or facilitating adult who would be able to adjust the language and develop the discussion to the level of the children’s understanding and need.

Whilst aimed at primary children, we believe that the resource would be very suitable and accessible for year 7 children in middle schools or as part of small group nurture intervention for transition work from year 6 to year 7. Many children who have missed the opportunity for enhanced support around their emotional health and wellbeing when going onto secondary would still benefit from this opportunity at an intervention level.

Would the Hamish & Milo wellbeing programme be suitable for KS3 or Year 7?2021-08-02T08:41:49+01:00

Whilst the Hamish & Milo wellbeing intervention programme has been written for primary aged children, we believe it would still be relevant and suitable for children in year 7 as part of a small group intervention or transition programme. Children who may have missed the opportunity for enhanced small group intervention around their emotional wellbeing and mental health at year 7 would benefit from the range of activities, discussion and approach within this programme.

Can the programme be run with a child individually, 1-1?2021-07-19T12:05:37+01:00

The various theme packs are intended to be used for small nurture groups but it may be that 1-1 may be more appropriate in some circumstances. It is therefore possible for the intervention to be run 1-1 for a child who may have a more acute or immediate need or who may need enhanced special time with an ELSA or pastoral TA. For some children, a small group may simply be too overwhelming and they need a more individualised approach. The materials can be easily adapted and used 1-1 as part of an intervention programme.

Can the wellbeing programme be used with whole class groups?2021-07-19T12:05:31+01:00

We recommend that these are small group intervention packs. While we believe the content would be valuable for all children, we wish to highlight them as small group or nurture group early intervention programmes, to support low-level emerging mental health needs. They have been written and created for small groups of children who need an enhanced approach and the opportunity to help them to make sense of their emotions and experiences. Often these small groups will be for children who need an enhanced level of support and care to help them feel valued, special and able to thrive more readily in school.

Do we have to use sock puppets in the intervention delivery?2021-07-19T12:05:22+01:00

Our sock puppets are intrinsic to the programme as a way of helping children to talk about, recognise and reflect on their feelings and experiences. They are used as a therapeutic distancing tool to help children feel safe to talk about feelings and experiences. We encourage each child to make their own with our carefully explained sock puppet kits and instruction cards that come with the programme and each theme. However, we do recognise that not all children may like puppets and might prefer not to use them. Or they might like to use other puppets for the same purpose. However, we hope you love our sock puppets as much as we do!

How do we select children for the groups?2021-07-19T12:04:46+01:00

Understanding the needs of children and their experiences is key in how you might select children for the groups. Some children will have presenting behaviours that suggest they may benefit from an intervention approach and it may be part of an EHCP or individualised support plan that intervention would be helpful. Parents/carers or teachers may raise awareness or concern for a child and it may be that an intervention group would help. The SENCO and pastoral staff member would perhaps be best placed to think about the needs of individual children, the potential group dynamics and to organise the children into whichever group may be most beneficial. Using the wellbeing profiles may help to identify levels of need for specific children and it would be important to monitor and review the intervention programme in discussion with parents/carers/teachers or the member of staff running the group to ensure the best fit for children. Talking to children about what they would like and how they feel is important too and can help them to feel involved in important decisions about them.

How does the programme manage safeguarding protocols?2021-07-19T12:04:38+01:00

The Hamish & Milo programme enables children to talk about sensitive feelings and experiences with an empathic and caring adult and sometimes there may be disclosures or concerns that arise. We totally promote and expect that safeguarding policies and practices in schools are followed and that designated safeguarding leads (DSLs) are made aware and appropriate action taken and protocols followed. The safety and wellbeing of all children are paramount to our whole approach and to our beliefs. We also recommend that facilitating staff have received training in safeguarding and are clear about policy and practice within their school.

How many children can be included in a group?2021-07-19T12:04:33+01:00

The groups are intended to be run with up to six children so that there is ample opportunity for children to be heard and involved in the discussion and activities. The groups aim to help children feel a sense of belonging and to strengthen or find new friendships. Having a small group can really enable this to happen.

It is also important to ensure that the pastoral staff member running the group is able to give time to each child and has space to review and notice how each child is responding, so it’s important to keep the group to a manageable size. Each of the theme packs has enough additional resources such as the sock puppets and wellbeing journals for six children, with an extra sock puppet for the facilitating adult.

There may be incidences where an individual child may have 1-1 intervention and this may be important for a range of reasons and can be decided by the pastoral staff member and SENCO.

How much time is needed for the wellbeing programme?2021-07-19T12:04:21+01:00

Each theme pack consists of ten sessions of approximately 40 minutes to be run weekly during a term. We would love to recommend an hour for each session but recognise that time in school is tight. Facilitating pastoral staff may need some preparation time to gather resources but the plans are complete so there is no actual planning time needed, as long as staff have read through and are familiar with the content of the session prior to delivering it. They may also need some administrative time to reflect on the children and review progress using the wellbeing profiles. This would need to be a consideration in running the programme.

What is the value of small group or nurture group intervention?2021-07-19T12:03:45+01:00

Sometimes children need the opportunity to be part of a small group who may be experiencing similar situations or feelings. Being in a small group can give them reassurance that they are not alone and an enhanced sense of belonging. Being with an empathic and emotionally aware adult who can facilitate discussion and help children to understand their experiences can be beneficial to children’s wellbeing. Sharing their thoughts and feelings can help children to feel supported, reassured and emotionally held. They may develop new friendships within the group process and this can be a lifeline to children who may be feeling isolated or alone in their experiences. A planned and focused intervention can be powerful in alleviating emerging or early emotional needs.

Who can facilitate the wellbeing programme?2021-07-19T11:20:40+01:00

We recommend that the Hamish & Milo intervention programme is run by pastoral staff: ELSAs, nurture group leaders, pastoral TAs, school counsellors, SENCOs or mental health professionals or therapists.

The programme needs to be run ideally by adults who have an awareness of mental health and have had a level of training in safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing. We offer bitesize training sessions to develop adults’ skills in understanding the content, theory and approach and this can be accessed through our website.

How does the Hamish & Milo wellbeing intervention support children’s mental health?2021-07-19T11:18:43+01:00

Mental health and wellbeing are at the heart of the Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention resource. The ten different theme packs aim to support some of the main areas of emotional health that children may face and that might be difficult for them to manage. The resource is targeted at early intervention for low-level or emerging mental health needs and to help alleviate escalation or the need for referral to external services.

General questions

What is included in the complete programme cost?2023-03-03T14:08:19+00:00

The complete Hamish & Milo Wellbeing programme includes all ten of the emotion sessions packs; friendship, resilience, anxiety, diversity, angry feelings, change, conflict, loss, sadness and self-esteem.

You will also get access to the Hamish & Milo Resource Hub with an ever-growing range of resources, templates and free activities to support the work you do. You can access digital planning tools, suggested booklists and video links to enhance the implementation of each programme.

As a reminder, inside every individual session pack, you receive:

  • An advice and introduction booklet – explaining our programme and approach
  • A contents and resources card – for planning and organisation
  • The ten different session plan cards
  • 6 A4 wellbeing profiles – one for each child
  • 6 parent/carer information booklets
  • 8 sheets of motivational and reward stickers
  • 6 certificates

In a separate box is the sock puppet kit, packed with items for seven people so the group facilitator can make a sock friend too! The sock puppet kits include everything you need but of course, feel free to use any other craft materials you have available. Items included are socks, wiggly eyes, buttons, sheets of felt, pom-poms, ribbons, pipe cleaners, and fabric glue! We even include a special ‘handmade with love’ wooden button for each child’s creation. Sock puppet background and helpful instructions card is also included.

Finally, there are six wellbeing journals one for each child.

How do I set up an account?2022-03-31T10:03:35+01:00

The first time you purchase from us you will set up an account – this is done at checkout. You will be prompted to leave an email address and create a password.

It is important that you ensure that all your details are added correctly as this information will form your account, especially your postal address so we can be sure to send your wellbeing resources to the right location!

Once you have an account, you can edit your information at any time and see order history for your convenience.

Do you offer a discount?2021-10-09T15:12:02+01:00

Schools or Trusts requiring bulk purchases of 10 complete sets of the Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention Programme or more, can apply for a 10% discount.

Orders and delivery questions

How much does delivery cost?2024-03-29T16:55:20+00:00

Depending on your order we ship via Royal mail or DPD.

Smaller, light parcels are £3.99 via Royal Mail and take a few days to arrive.

Larger, heavier goods are shipped via DPD at £9.95 next day delivery.

Items being shipped to Ireland and outside of the UK will be shipped at cost and agree’d on an individual basis.

Please contact us at hello@hamishandmilo.org to discuss your delivery should you have any queries or concerns.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for further information.

How do I make my purchase?2023-02-24T14:28:41+00:00

You can use our order form or buy in our online shop – any complications please give us a call on 01202 942222.

You can purchase our resources online by credit or debit card, BACS payment or request an invoice when you provide a purchase order number.

We DO NOT accept cheques.

Please note that there is a £50 minimum order value for all credit purchases. Our payment terms are strictly 30 days.

Can I order wellbeing journals separately?2023-02-24T14:27:21+00:00

Absolutely. We have packaged all our session packs with six wellbeing journals as that is the recommended number of children per session group. You can order extra wellbeing journals for any extra sessions you run. Wellbeing journals are sold in packs of six or thirty. See more information in the online shop.

Can I order with a purchase order number?2023-02-24T14:18:05+00:00

Yes, just simply complete your order via the online shop or order form and provide a purchase order number for credit to pay in 30 days.

An official school or trust purchase order number is essential when placing your order. Our payment details will be outlined on the invoice that we will send you upon receiving your order. Payment can be made by BACS; we DO NOT accept cheques.

Please note that there is a £50 minimum order value for all credit purchases. Our payment terms are strictly 30 days.

All our prices include VAT at the current rate.

If I place my order today, when can I expect a delivery?2021-10-06T14:32:27+01:00

We are in constant production to ensure we meet all orders. It usually takes us a couple of days to receive, pack and send your order, we aim to have each order processed in three to five days.

Delivery information, including dates, will be confirmed by email. We will keep you updated and advise you of your shipping date in good time.

Can I get a free sample?2021-07-20T14:46:30+01:00

While we are unable to send you a full sample set, if you contact us at hello@hamishandmilo.org we can send you an example electronic copy with a selection of the content that would be included.

You can view some sample files here.

Can I order certificates separately?2021-07-19T12:05:54+01:00

You sure can! We have packaged each of our session packs with six certificates as that is the recommended number of children per session group. You can order extra certificates for any future sessions you run or extra children. Our certificates are sold in packs of 30. See more information in the online shop.

What happens if I wish to cancel my order?2021-07-19T12:04:06+01:00

We are sorry to hear this. Please contact us at hello@hamishandmilo.org and we will be happy to help you. However, if you still wish to cancel your order and it’s within 48 hours and has not yet been dispatched, then a full refund will be given.

I ordered the wrong product. What should I do?2021-07-19T12:03:25+01:00

Not to worry, these things happen. Just drop us an email at hello@hamishandmilo.org outlining your issue and we’ll try to resolve it for you. As long as the delivery hasn’t already left our offices, we can accommodate exchanges.