Children’s wellbeing journals

Beautiful, reflective learning wellbeing journals for children in your intervention groups.

Our very special Hamish & Milo wellbeing journals give the children the chance to celebrate who they are and to build their self-esteem.

The journals provide the opportunity for the children to reflect on their thoughts, feelings and experiences as they move through the 10-week programme and reflective practice helps embed their social and emotional learning.

Our reflective journals are an integral part of the intervention and can be taken home to be continued or used as a memoir for the children.

Inside the A6 48-page journals the children can write and draw about themselves, their families and their pets. They have positive affirmation statements throughout and spaces for their stickers. They can write their reflections and feelings, as well as some fun elements, such as their favourite animal and a sock puppet profile!

Hamish & Milo Programme Wellbeing Journals