Hamish & Milo programme elements

Our comprehensive wellbeing programmes include all the time-saving resources you need, from session plans to reward stickers, templates to planning and impact tools, training and supervision.

Each emotion theme programme has everything you need to run SEMH intervention groups

Hamish & Milo Overview Booklet

Guidance booklet

Our 16-page overview and guidance booklet introduces the Hamish & Milo Wellbeing intervention programme. It outlines the contents, rationale and explains how each of the core elements of the resource works together.

Hamish & Milo Session Plans Amazing me

Session plans

The complete programme has 100 explicit, structured, and progressive session plans. Each session has a clear format and structure that helps the children to feel contained and able to engage.

Hamish & Milo Child Wellbeing Profile Memories and me

Child wellbeing profiles

Our primary impact measure tool is our child wellbeing profiles which are unique to each emotional theme programme. They help identify, target and support specific areas of need within core areas of a child’s emotional health and development.

Hamish & Milo Parent Carer Booklet Celebrating me

Parent/carer booklets

Unique to each emotional theme these booklets help, alongside the school, to have a shared dialogue and communicate about the programme, how it works and how parents/carers can support their children in the home environment too.

Hamish & Milo Programme Wellbeing Journals

Wellbeing journals

Our reflective wellbeing journals give the children the chance to celebrate who they are and to build their self-esteem. They provide the opportunity to reflect on the wellbeing sessions as they move through the programme and they can write their reflections and feelings.

Sock Puppet Craft Kit from Hamish & Milo

Sock puppet pet craft kit

Our sock puppets are an integral feature of our wellbeing programme. Puppets can be powerful in enabling children to share their experiences, feel understood without judgement, and explore their emotions at a safe distance. We include everything you need to make 7 sock puppets in each kit.

Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Intervention Resources Certificate


Celebration and recognition of success is central to our approach and our Hamish & Milo certificates are a special award for the completion of the wellbeing intervention programme.

Reward & Motivational Metallic Stickers Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Programme

Reward stickers

Our wonderful ‘motivational message’ character stickers include shiny metallic ones! There are spaces in the children’s wellbeing journals, one for each session, and extras at the end, for the children to stick and save their special stickers.

Hamish & Milo Champion Training Wellbeing

Training and supervision

We are committed to supporting all pastoral staff and mental health leads to deliver our wellbeing programmes, so we have created a range of ‘Champion training’ on the approach and implementation. We offer Explorer sessions – free 90-minute webinars to all staff.

Hamish & Milo Hub Download Resources

Resource Hub

All Champion schools can also access our Resource Hub to download an ever-growing range of handouts, activity templates, posters, digital impact and planning tools.

Create a package that meets your school’s needs

Pick your Hamish & Milo programme(s) in a format to suit you – Online, Pack, or Plus which gives you the best of both.

Then choose the number of wellbeing journals, stickers and certificates, sock puppet kits for your required number of children in bundles of 6, 30, 60 or 90.

Memories and Me Online Hamish & Milo
Memories and Me Pack Hamish & Milo
Hamish & Milo Clare Williams Discovery session

Each 30-minute Discovery Session covers the rationale, approach and framework of the Hamish & Milo wellbeing resources or watch a recorded Discovery Session now

SEMH Programme Supported By Evidence Hamish & Milo

“Emerging data shows statistically significant differences in observations about the emotional and behavioural presentation of children, pre- and post-intervention.”

Hamish & Milo SEMH Programme Samples

View samples of the session plan cards, child wellbeing profiles, parent and carer booklets and many other resources to see the range, content and quality.