SEMH intervention session plans

The complete Hamish & Milo SEMH programme has 100 explicit, structured, and progressive session plans available in printed or digital format.

Ten session plans for each of the ten emotional theme programmes – friendship, resilience, anxiety, diversity, angry feelings, change, conflict, loss, sadness and self-esteem – each to be delivered over a term or 10-week period.

The sessions cover a variety of activities and guided discussions. Each session has a clear format and structure that helps the children to feel contained and able to engage.

Each session plan includes:

  • Welcome and check-in – to be done with the puppets to help the children feel part of the group and ready for the session. At this point, the adult can see how everyone is feeling, and be sure everyone is OK and ready to begin, and notice any child that may need an individual chat.
  • Focus moment – this part introduces the theme or focus area of the session and helps the children to know what the session will be about. It’s bringing the theme into focus for the children and introduces it before the children go onto the activity section.
  • Focus insight – this part gives the children some information or insight about the topic or theme. It is bringing awareness about a particular piece of learning or brings to the children’s attention a thought, an insight, a question, or a piece of information. This then leads to the activity.
  • Activity – an opportunity for the children to use their thinking, learning and own expression to explore the theme and develop their ideas. The activities aim to be creative, expressive and engaging for the children. The adult will need to be observant and reflective with the children to help develop or respond to their ideas or thoughts.
  • Reflection – this part of the session helps the children to think about their learning or their experience with the activity or discussion. Sometimes through reflection children may have new thoughts about their experiences or feelings which helps them understand and gain greater insights for themselves. The children are encouraged to use their wellbeing journals to record their ideas and to celebrate their learning.

Our complete programme consists of ten different social-emotional learning themes

Conflict Resolution ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Actions, words and me

Helping children with conflict resolution

Diversity ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Celebrating me

Helping children to acknowledge and celebrate difference and diversity

Resilience ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Resilient me

Helping children with resilience and overcoming adversity

Anxiety ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Calm me

Helping children with anxiety to understand, express and regulate themselves

Sadness ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Finding me

Helping children with sadness to make sense of their feelings

Change and Transitions ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

New beginnings and me

Helping children with changes and transitions

Loss and bereavement ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Memories and me

Helping children cope with loss and bereavement

Self-esteem Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Resource

Amazing me

Helping children with self-esteem and self-worth

Friendships ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

My friends and me

Helping children manage their friendship situations

Angry Feelings ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Exploding me

Helping children with strong, sometimes angry, emotions