Explorer Sessions – Free 90-minute training webinars

We run regular free Explorer Sessions that are a deeper look at the Hamish & Milo programme, approach and implementation for the pastoral staff facilitating the intervention groups.

Each Explorer Session covers:

Our Explorer training sessions will equip pastoral staff with greater confidence and conviction to deliver the intervention programmes effectively and with insight and awareness.

  • Principles and ethos behind the Hamish & Milo wellbeing programme

  • Context for children’s emotional and mental wellbeing and long-term impact
  • Understanding of the presenting emotional behaviours and the underlying unmet needs
  • Significance for children to feel heard, validated and connected
  • Contents of the wellbeing programme in terms of the different emotion themes and insights

  • Contents within each emotion theme pack and the supporting materials

  • The importance and therapeutic approach in using the sock puppet pets
  • How to measure impact using the child wellbeing profiles

  • The role and approach of the facilitating trusted adults

  • Principles and practice of implementation, including safeguarding

The Explorer Sessions run regularly and are presented and facilitated by our author Clare Williams.

Mental Health Intervention Training from Hamish & Milo Explorer Sessions
  • Easy access – 90-minute online Zoom sessions

  • Supportive – insight, knowledge and ideas for further development
  • Book individually or as a group – schools, staff, MAT teams

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Clare Williams Author Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Resources

About the programme author and lead facilitator

Clare Williams, MA, B.Ed Hons

Clare is a primary teacher, educational psychotherapist, educational consultant, trainer and supervisor. Her work in the field of children’s mental health and education is driven by her desire to advocate and inspire schools and pastoral teams to prioritise children’s wellbeing and to offer them the life chances that enable them to thrive within a complex and ever-changing world.

“My philosophy centres on enabling children to develop a belief in themselves through the quality of relationships they experience that build the fundamental necessity of trust at the core. It is through this quality of relational engagement that children can feel safe enough to learn about the world, themselves and to engage in the learning environment.”