Reward stickers for the children

Our motivational character stickers are perfect for recognising, acknowledging or rewarding children at the end of each session, or acknowledging any ‘behaviour’ improvements and are a great way to help children feel celebrated and special.

Some children find it difficult to accept praise and recognition but when they are able to trust the adults that are significant to them, they can begin to look for reassurance and recognition and can then thrive on praise.

All children, but particularly those who may be more vulnerable, need even more to feel valued and special and to be recognised for their qualities and achievements.

Our Hamish & Milo stickers are a wonderful way to show value, and recognition and allow children to feel a sense of pride within themselves. Each sticker offers a motivational or rewarding phrase or message along with our cute Hamish and Milo characters!

We suggest that each child needs to receive a sticker at the end of each session. There are spaces in the children’s wellbeing journals to stick and save their stickers, one for each session, and extras on the inside back pages, for the children’s special stickers!

Hamish & Milo Childrens Wellbeing Stickers
Reward & Motivational Metallic Stickers Hamish & Milo

Our extra special stickers have a metallic finish. These can be awarded to the children for being extra special, perhaps showing bravery, kindness or trying something new.