Creating a culture of wellbeing with Hamish & Milo – Webinar hosted by SENsible SENCO

Our author Clare Williams was delighted to speak with the SENsible SENCO last week on creating a culture of wellbeing and providing targeted intervention within schools.

In the webinar Clare discusses the need for qualitative, targeted SEMH provision and programmes to support the 1 in 6 children with mental health needs NHS Digital 2021).

The webinar was hosted by SENsible SENCO Abigail Hawkins who runs SENDCO Solutions. She is a SEN specialist with nearly 25 years of experience in the education sector as a SENCO.

Webinar Synopsis:

How do we support children to manage in a learning context when they are struggling with their social and emotional development and mental health? How do we support children to express, understand and be able to regulate their feelings and experiences in order to manage in the learning environment and how do we equip the SEN and pastoral adults to feel confident to support the children in their care who have mental health and behaviour needs in a system where external services are stretched?

The Webinar covered:

  • The context for children’s emotional and mental wellbeing and the long-term impact.
  • The need for an emotions curriculum that sits alongside PSHE to enable children to understand, express and regulate their feelings.
  • The role of the empathic, trusted adults and the significance for children to feel validated, heard and connected.
  • Creating an alliance and shared dialogue with parents/carers.
  • A comprehensive wellbeing intervention programme that offers creative activities, supporting resources and an impact measurement tool.

Video timeline

Please note these links take you to YouTube version.

00:47:15 Introduction Clare Williams

00:02:59 The current SEMH landscape in schools

00:07:15 Leadership and management that supports emotional health and wellbeing

00:08:50 The four core elements to great wellbeing

00:15:39 A whole school approach to SEMH

00:20:44 Targeted SEMH interventions

00:23:34 Enabling student voice

00:28:20 Examples of Targeted intervention in schools

00:30:33 Measuring the impact

00:31:47 Staff development and wellbeing

00:35:30 Parent/carer Partnerships

00:37:21 Hamish and Milo offer

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