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“Emerging data shows statistically significant differences in observations about the emotional and behavioural presentation of children, pre and post intervention.”

Professor Richard Joiner, Head of Department, University of Bath, Department of Psychology
Download the University of Bath Research Study with Hamish & Milo report – The emerging evidence
SEMH Intervention Evidence-Base Hamish & Milo University of Bath

How do we support children to manage in a learning context when they are struggling with their social and emotional development and mental health?

How do we support children to express, understand and be able to regulate their feelings and experiences in order to manage in the learning environment and how do we equip the SEN and pastoral adults to feel confident to support the children in their care who have mental health and behaviour needs in a system where external services are stretched? This report covers:

  • The context and current climate for children’s emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Whole school culture and how to ensure wellbeing is central through policy and practice
  • The vital need for qualitative and targeted intervention that centres around social and emotional development and acquisition of skills for life and learning

  • Emerging statistical data on the impact of the Hamish & Milo programmes

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Live impact reporting

Navigator is an innovative developmental platform to assess social and emotional learning in schools, demonstrate the impact of Hamish & Milo resources and each child’s journey.

Navigator is an easy-to-use, secure, cloud-platform built on Microsoft Azure that is fully GDPR compliant. Share insights, progress, shifts and changes that occur through being part of the intervention programme.

Practitioners can track progress, see trends at child, group, school and trust level, aligned to the emotion themes and provide reporting to demonstrate the impact of your SEMH interventions.

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