Mental Health Awareness – Young Minds #HelloYellow campaign and their open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

#HelloYellow campaign supports young people’s mental health and raises awareness of how we need to prioritise resources, funding and provision for our young people.

Schools across the country will be wearing yellow, fundraising, and highlighting the importance of bringing about greater awareness of young people’s mental health.

The campaign calls for a network of early support hubs across the country so that all young people have somewhere to turn to at the earliest stage of any struggle with their mental health.

There is recognition of the need for young people:

  • to receive the help they need without long waiting lists for mental health specialist services

  • for schools to have the resources and a greater focus on mental health with less pressure on academic achievement

  • for the government to recognise and address the big societal issues that are leading to a rise in mental health issues in our young people

  • for the online world to be safer, kinder and for young people to be protected

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There is recognition of how we can all struggle with our experiences and emotions at times and that our young people particularly need the support of those around them to cope with the day-to-day pressures that impact on our capacity to engage well in life. There is awareness of how it is the small things that can make the biggest difference, an act of kindness, being out in nature, having time with a friend, a listening ear and knowing where to go for help. There is a huge need for young people to have social support and access to early intervention where they feel heard, responded to and they are not left to feel alone and unsupported.

Milo dressing up for HelloYellow Young Minds 2021

Activists’ open letter to Rishi Sunak MP

An open letter signed by 5,000 young people has been personally delivered to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak on 30th September 2021 to highlight the plight of young people and to highlight the importance of significant funding in the forthcoming spending review.

Surely, we owe this to our children and future generation. How can we deny them the resources, support and provision to really make a difference to their wellbeing and long-term mental health?

Let’s support the Hello yellow campaign for future generations and for the prioritisation of mental health and wellbeing.

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