Discovery Session – An introduction to Hamish & Milo

Our introductory Discovery Session showcases the Hamish & Milo Programme and approach.

This recorded version of a Discovery webinar is a brief overview of the whole programme including the ten SEMH emotion themes, the principles and ethos behind it and how it supports children’s social and emotional learning and development.

Clare Williams our author and creator talks through the programme and explains the content of each theme as well as the range of supporting resources we provide for measuring impact, parent collaboration and celebrating and building children’s sense of self-esteem and value.

Clare also talks a little about our research study with the prestigious University of Bath and the importance of measuring the impact of our wellbeing programme on children’s emotional health and wellbeing. Clare explains how schools can become involved and the vast benefits of participating including access to our new Navigator dashboard which delivers live visual data for children involved and the free support package of training and supervision.

We hope you find it interesting and informative and would love to hear from you if you would like to become involved or to know more.

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