Wellbeing intervention programmes

A comprehensive range of SEL and SEMH intervention programmes to support a whole school graduated response to support the high level of primary-stage children with SEMH difficulties.

We provide the framework, language and content for courageous conversations about mental health and emotions and the structure to support children’s emotional and social development.

The complete programme enhances PSHE and focuses on ten key emotional themes; friendship, resilience, anxiety, diversity, strong emotions and anger, change and transition, conflict resolution, loss and bereavement, sadness and self-esteem.

  • A complete package – everything schools need from detailed progressive session plans, impact tools, wellbeing journals, parent/carer leaflets, motivational resources, sock puppet pet craft kits, access to Resource Hub and optional impact reporting dashboard.
  • Reduce exclusions and improve wellbeing and attendance – interventions increase emotional regulation and positively influence educational engagement.

  • Empower staff – equip pastoral staff with greater confidence to deliver vital emotional literacy programmes with empathy, insight and awareness.

  • Trauma and attachment-aware content – the importance of relationships is at the core, to help children gain transferable emotional literacy skills for life and learning.
  • Demonstrate impact – digital resources for EHCP, SEN and PEP reviews to capture post-programme impact in line with Ofsted and ISI inspection frameworks.

  • Capture children’s voice – ensuring children feel heard, understood and empowered to share their experiences.
  • Cost-effective investment in children’s wellbeing – reusable resources that cost just pence per child.
  • Advice, training and supervision – packages are available including free options.
Theoretical context underpinning Hamish & Milo

Hamish & Milo is based on attachment aware theory, and the importance of early social and emotional development, as well as understanding emotional stress and the impact on the developing child.

Our complete programme consists of ten different social-emotional learning themes

Conflict Resolution ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Actions, words and me

Helping children with conflict resolution

Diversity ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Celebrating me

Helping children to acknowledge and celebrate difference and diversity

Resilience ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Resilient me

Helping children with resilience and overcoming adversity

Anxiety ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Calm me

Helping children with anxiety to understand, express and regulate themselves

Sadness ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Finding me

Helping children with sadness to make sense of their feelings

Change and Transitions ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

New beginnings and me

Helping children with changes and transitions

Loss and bereavement ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Memories and me

Helping children cope with loss and bereavement

Self-esteem Hamish & Milo Wellbeing Resource

Amazing me

Helping children with self-esteem and self-worth

Friendships ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

My friends and me

Helping children manage their friendship situations

Angry Feelings ELSA Resources Hamish & Milo

Exploding me

Helping children with strong, sometimes angry, emotions

Hamish & Milo Clare Williams Discovery session

Each 30-minute Discovery Session covers the rationale, approach and framework of the Hamish & Milo wellbeing resources or watch a recorded Discovery Session now

SEMH Programme Supported By Evidence Hamish & Milo

“Emerging data shows statistically significant differences in observations about the emotional and behavioural presentation of children, pre- and post-intervention.”

Hamish & Milo SEMH Programme Samples

View samples of the session plan cards, child wellbeing profiles, parent and carer booklets and many other resources to see the range, content and quality.

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