The complete Hamish & Milo Wellbeing programme includes all ten of the emotion sessions packs; friendship, resilience, anxiety, diversity, angry feelings, change, conflict, loss, sadness and self-esteem.

You will also get access to the Hamish & Milo Resource Hub with an ever-growing range of resources, templates and free activities to support the work you do. You can access digital planning tools, suggested booklists and video links to enhance the implementation of each programme.

As a reminder, inside every individual session pack, you receive:

  • An advice and introduction booklet – explaining our programme and approach
  • A contents and resources card – for planning and organisation
  • The ten different session plan cards
  • 6 A4 wellbeing profiles – one for each child
  • 6 parent/carer information booklets
  • 8 sheets of motivational and reward stickers
  • 6 certificates

In a separate box is the sock puppet kit, packed with items for seven people so the group facilitator can make a sock friend too! The sock puppet kits include everything you need but of course, feel free to use any other craft materials you have available. Items included are socks, wiggly eyes, buttons, sheets of felt, pom-poms, ribbons, pipe cleaners, and fabric glue! We even include a special ‘handmade with love’ wooden button for each child’s creation. Sock puppet background and helpful instructions card is also included.

Finally, there are six wellbeing journals one for each child.